AmazonBasics Security Safe 1 Cubic Feet

AmazonBasics Security Safe 1 Cubic Feet 1

AmazonBasic security safe with two steel bolts to keep your belongings locked up and safe
Great for anybody needing a reliable and wallet healthy price
Always a perfect time to keep your belongings locked up and safe
This safe is big enough to keep handguns and more while the outside is slim enough to fit mostly any where.
This product is strong and reliable and you can even bolt it anywhere to make sure your belongings stay safe.

•Overall fantastic safe that is steel constructed, reprogrammable digital access. Comes with four bolts to mount anywhere necessary.

•Carpeted floor to prevent scratches and comes with two sets of keys!

What people say about the product:  “I really like these safes for storing my small handguns. They keep them out of reach of children and others.”  “Just last night a robbery attempt was made and … although the safe was badly beaten with hammers and crowbars, our cash was safe and the thieves got nothing for their work!” “The safe is excellent – it’s compact enough to fit on or under a desk or, for more security, it can be bolted to the wall or the floor. It feels well made and solid and will definitely stop any casual thief or keep kids away from medications or dangerous items.”  “Can’t beat the price. Using to keep my firearm locked away and out of the hands of my children.”  “Great safe. Opens pretty fast and seems very sturdy for the price. I use it as a gun safe and it holds a surprising amount of stuff.”

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