Stalwart Diversion Dictionary Book Safe with Key Lock Metal 6 x 9 in

Dictionary book safe with key lock metal enforced – 6×9 inches.
Great for anyone who needs to keep documents or money safe and hidden in plan sight.
Looks like a real book, but contains metal safe and two keys.
Blend it in with your other books to look like your typical collection!
This will help keep your belongings sage and can fit up to 2×5.6252×9 inches inside. Fits tablets and many more same sized objects.

•Overall great product that is fabulous for the price and looks like your typical dictionary book!

•Can fit belongings from documents to dangerous weapons like small pistols.

What people are saying about it: “Overall I am very happy and pleased with it,” “It was convincing enough that two of my friends purchased one as well.” “Perfection. I have an old .22 that was handed down to me and my boyfriend was nervous about it with nieces and nephews coming to our new house together. This is absolutely perfect for what I needed, absolutely delighted.” “I highly recommend it. It comes with two keys and mine came in looking new and real. The inside of the lock is very big as well.” Buy Today