Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible 11 6 Inch HD Touch Intel Celeron N3150 4GB DDR3L 32GB Chrome CB5 132T C1LK

Acer Chromebook convertible use as a laptop or tablet.
Great for anyone who needs basic features and functions.
Great a durable lap top that will last you a long time.
Great to carry you around easy to use and of course portable.
One of the best functioning Chromebook available for an unbeatable price.

Overall one great product that will give you the results you are looking for with its Intel Celeron Quad-Core processor.

LED backlit display with a multi touch screen that supports 10 finger tips. Includes 4 DDR3L onboard memory and 32GB internal storage.

What people are saying about it: “This one was built to be quite durable with an aluminum lid, and that it would feature an IPS screen.”  “The hardware overall is well constructed and it’s very comfortable to type on.”  “Battery life is phenomenal. I have used it heavily and just been amazed that it keeps on going. I can use it all weekend and take it back to work to charge on Monday.” “Great price!!! I love my new laptop!! Just what I needed.”  “WOW! Unless you have a need for Microsoft products this is an AWESOME alternative instead of heavy, expensive, heat making, laptops.”

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