ProSource Multi Grip Chin Up Pull Up Bar Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym


Very durable steel, that is built to last, pull up machine that can do your body miracles.
Great for any body trying to shred and build up your upper body, this machine can transform and give you the sculpt look you want.
Quiet no noise involved besides the effort you exert, easy to assemble, get it home, hang it up and its good to go. (Assembly may be required, fast and easy.)
Hang it around the door frame, the machines built design is made to hang in most door ways.
Why be interested in an outstanding product that works? Well there you have it, because this product will transform your body. All for an outstanding one time price!

The ProSource Multi Grip chin-up/pull-up bar is a heavy duty, multifunctional upper body trainer that strengthens and tones your body.
•Slip in design makes it easy to put together and easy to install.
•Makes at home workouts easy and still intensifies it for you enough to transform your body.
Things that have been said about this product:It appears to be solid…the metal seems to be strong and worthy of handling chin-ups or pull-ups for years to come.”, “I have long arms as well, really you still have to bend your legs to get a full arm extended pull-up but I think this thing is fantastic regardless, I’m very pleased with it.” Overall fantastic product that will transform for one great price.
I am confident that you will see changes if you give it a try, I have seen it done myself. (Read below to find out)
My name is Brandon and this story isn’t about me, rather more about my brother Austin.  Back in the day when we were just kids we had found out that he had a heart murmur and some leaking valves leading to it.  Pretty much his own blood cells attacked his body and left some damage. We were devastated, but thankful we found that out when we did.  He soon had to be put on meds to stop the leakage and from these self eating cells.  Soon enough the leaking stopped and his heart seemed to have healed a lot.  After taking the medicine he began to gain an extreme amount of weight, like a couple hundred pounds.  He one day woke up and started feeling disgusted toward himself and started running, and eventually had purchased a doorway pull up machine and after just a few months of running and pull up after pull up he lost all the excess weight and start sculpting his upper body. He continued to get stronger and stronger. Now he is 21 and in the best shape of his life!
If this product can work for us then I know it can work for you!  Get up and start your transformation today!

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Also the cheaper design or model of pull-up machine.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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